Joybringers Africa ran  a JRM in Akepe, a small village in the south side of Togo (West-Africa) for children and young people. We had about 450 children, teenagers and young people all combined. We did a caravan of sensitization with the kids in the village, played game with them and share some gifts. We taught them  about God and  preached the gospel. Many kids gave their lives to Christ (about 40kids). Since there was a Baptist church in the village, we intrusted those who decided to start a walk with Christ to the Church. We thank God that this program was a success and we've being witnesses of  wonderful things through it.


Joybringers Africa were at Faith Baptist Church (baguida) to minister to kids there. 29 Kids got saved.


 Saturday March 4th we were running our monthly program (JRM) in a small village, in the south Side of the capital city of Togo,called Segbe. All members of the Joybringers Africa Team are still amazed of what the Lord did there that day. Segbe was a big challenge for us because most of the people who live there are still faithful idol worshipers and they do not give opportunity to their children to be around Christians or to get involve in any christian activities. However our expectations for the success of our program were higher because we believed that God can accomplish the impossible. Our slogan says it well“No Fear,Faith Only.” Finally, We ended up with 160 kids. who were thirsty for the word of God and for someone to show them love, kindness, and joy in Christ


The biggest JRM we had so far were at Tabligbo with no less than 600 kids. This was an amazing experience for the Joybringers team. We did our whole program like usually and we gave away clothes and food. 150 kids and 8 adults gave their lives to Christ.


JBA team was doing an afternoon Kid program at "Eglise Baptiste la solution" with former Awana  missionnary Kossi Anika. 122 kids were present.  We had many amazing testimonies of what the Lord did in these kids' lives.


Our JRM (Joybringers Rural Ministry) of August was in Lankui. Lankui is a very small village in the south side of Togo, located between Lome, the capital city, and Kpalime, one of the biggest city of the country. During the program, God’s word touched hearts. From the 206 people who were present, 121 made a commitment of salvation: 21 adults and 80 youth and children. Praise God! We entrusted the people who were saved to the Pastor Agaglo and the church. We also had clothes donation for the kids. Lankui Jrm was a blessing.